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YMCA Milestone
1844 -The YMCA was first organized by Sir George William in England.

1893 -The YMCA's concept was brought to Thailand by Prof. Boontuan Boonit.  He was the first Thai to apply to be a member of the US YMCA and contacted YMCA leaders in the US to establish the YMCA in Thailand.

1907 - After Prof. Boontuan passed away, his students and friends collected money to construct a building and named it "Boonit Silapakarn Club" in memory of him.  King Rama VI and the royal relatives had also contributed funds for this construction. 

1922 -The present King's father, Prince Mahidol Adulyadej Krommaluang Songklanakkaring wish was to establish a Bangkok YMCA and suggested that the "Boonit Silapakarn" Association should provide more activities like the YMCA did.

1928 -The US YMCA and YMCA Canada offered expertise to organize the YMCA in Thailand.

1930 -The US and Canadian YMCAs sent Mr. Walter A. Zimmerman to work with the committee of "Boonit Silapakarn" Association and finally drafted a by-law based on Thai culture for the Bangkok YMCA.

1932 -The name of "Boonit Silapakarn" Association changed to The Bangkok YMCA and was under the patronage of the King's father, Krommaluang Songkla Nakkarin.

1969 - Organizing the first YMCA in Chiangmai initiated by Dr.Boonrerm Singhanetr and with the support of the Bangkok YMCA.

1971 -Moved the office from Wiang Ping Trade Center on Chang Klang road to a new location on Charoen Pratet road.

1972 -The YMCA of Chiangmai was registered as an Association and looked for a new location to build an office in response to the demands of its members.

1974 -Starting the construction of the 4-floor building on the land of about 2 rai on Soi Mengrairassamee, Chang Puak Sub-district which was kindly donated by Dr. Boonrerm Singhanetr.

1977 - Moved the office from Charoen Pratet road to the new building and performed the opening ceremony on the 23rd of January

1984 - Opened Chiangrai YMCA in February and Sao Hin YMCA in November.

1985 - Opened a new YMCA in Lamphun.

1988 - Opened Sankampaeng YMCA on Jan 11th and a new 6-floor building at Santitham YMCA on November 12th, known as "YMCA International House".

1989 - Established the Northern Women's Development Foundation in May to improve and enhance the potential of women and to promote and encourage women to participate in the development process. The Foundation was originally the Women's Development Institute of the Chiangmai YMCA.

2004 -Opened the new organizing center, Sanpatong YMCA in August.