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Logo and Meaning

Logo and Meaning

Meaning of the YMCA Symbol

The YMCA of Chiangmai – Emblem

There is an upside triangle in the circle with words i.e. spirit, mind and body on each side of the triangle. At the middle of the triangle, there is year-1969.  In the circle, there are letters on the top, on the left and on the right.  Those letters are Y.M.C.A., CHIANGMAI, and THAILAND respectively.  These symbolize the established year of the Chiangmai YMCA to promote the completeness and the unity of the total of life in body, mind and spirit.


The Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs-Emblem

The circle recalls the fact that our scattered associations form one body. The larger monogram of the name Christ within the circle 'XP' These 2 Greek letters are the first two letters of the word Christos - meaning Christ. In early Christianity, they not only represented the name of Christ, but they represented the Church as well.  
There is Bible.It is opened to Jesus' prayer for his disciples and followers in the book of John, chapter 17, verse 21. This scripture passage was set forth as the foundation for the YMCA.: "That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me." - John 17:21.The context of this passage was emphasizing that followers of Christ should have such love and care for one another and for those around them that the rest of the world would believe, because of this genuine love. .


the World Alliance of YMCAs - Emblem

The official insignia of the World Alliance of YMCAs was first adopted in 1881, and is still in use today. Emblems are chosen to give identity and provide a symbol of belonging which may enhance a sense of unity.When the badge of the World Alliance of YMCAs was adopted by the 9th International Conference in London in 1881, it was for the sake of the young travellers of our associations. This first badge was described in the following way:

The names of the five parts of the globe are inscribed on the segments of a circle united by cartouches which bear the monograms of the Association's name in different languages. The circle recalls the fact that our scattered associations form one body. The larger monogram of the name Christ within the circle (being the combination of the two initial letters of the name in Greek), as seen in the catacombs painted by the early Christians, will constantly remind the associations that Christ is their centre, their true bond of union, their supreme object, their strength and their sole cause and end. Over the symbol of Christ is placed the Bible, because as St. John declares, the Divine Word is the special means whereby young people overcome the world, and in this way the badge bears the distinguishing mark of the Reformation. The Bible is open at the page containing our Redeemer's high-priestly prayer, John XVII, and the 21st verse of the chapter is specially indicated: 'That they all may be one'. The badge is not an arbitrary or hackneyed rallying sign; it bears the character of a symbol, and expresses simply and clearly the spiritual treasures common to all associations


YMCAs in the United States and Canada

YMCAs in the United States and Canada use this logo. The three sides of the red triangle symbolize the YMCA mission to "build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all".