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A. YMCA Activity Participation and News:

     1. Participate in culture exchange activities inside the country with YMCA foreign members. (Kobe – Japan , Kumamoto – Japan , Global Teen of New York, Seattle YMCA, Becket Chimney-USA etc.)

     2. Participate in culture exchange activities outside country with YMCA members from all over the world.   (International Youth – Japan, Face to Face with American, Singapore YMCA conference, Korea etc.)

     3. Receive quarterly issue of YMCA Chiangma Newsletter.


-  Join Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean Courses

-      Special discount for many restaurants around Chiang Mai

-      Special rate for the YMCA Hotel [Chiangmai & Chiangrai]

-     Discount  10 % for Polo & T-Shirt

-     Join Cultural Exchange Programs with the teenager and young adult groups from International YMCAs

-      Exercise with Aerobics and Yoga classes for good health