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Northern Women's Development Foundation




    Half of the population in every region is women. To develop the community to be effective, it depends on the development of the role and ability of women to participate in every level of development. The Northern Women’s Development Foundation was founded on May 26, 1989 after realizing that there are many underprivileged women who have not been encouraged to develop their abilities. Moreover, northern women development organizations are still continuously facing the problem of encouraging the target group. Therefore the Northern Women’s Development Foundation’s aim is to mobilize cooperation between every level towards women especially those who are underprivileged and suffering. This is also to encourage the community to realize women’s problem and to participate in promoting the role of women so they are more able than before to solve community problems.

  1. To give advice and assist  women  regarding legal issues, family  problem,   spirit, psychology, and personality problems.
  2. To  promote  and  support  women  to  understand  their  way of life, maintain customs  and  cultures  so  they  will love  their own native area.
  3. To  be  a centre  for  building/ mobilizing  the relationship  and  assistance  from women  groups  who have  a better social status with women group who have a lower social  status.
  4. To co-ordinate with person or GOs and NGOs in planning and operating the women’s development in 17 northern provinces.
  5. To encourage women to know their rights and responsibilities towards their own community
  6. To  cooperate  and  coordinate  with   other  charitable  organizations  for the benefit  of  the public.
  7. There is no politic involvement or motivation
  8. To operate or coordinate with other charitable organizations for the benefit of the public




  1. Training, campaigning and expanding the development work.

          To  provide  training  to  women  in  order  to  help  them  realizing  their own  importance  in community  development  and so be able to participate in decision making  to  improve  the  community  socially,  economically  and environmentally. To  campaign  and  disseminate  about  the problem  affecting  women  and  their  working  experiences  via  study  groups  and  other  aids


        2. Assisting Women’s Network

         To give advice, assistance and coordinate women’s networks to take more role at different decision - making levels in order to solve problems socially, economically  and  environmentally.


       3. Vocational Training and Marketing Support


        Provide training to women who may or may not have the basic knowledge and skill in order to be able to use raw material from their local areas to produce goods for increasing their family income. Provide assistance for market outlets of products made by target group.

4. Rural Development Fund

       To support activities and solve community problems by providing a revolving loan  fund  to  a  group  which  will  be  responsible   together   to  pay  back    the  fund  with  the  fees   so that   the  fund   will be  able to  assist  other   women    in  following  years. To   act  as  the coordinator  in supplying the funds to help village  development  projects  such as  water  well  making, bridge,  a child  care  center, agriculture, handicraft, etc.


5. Document and research Center

       Collecting, disseminate, exchange  and  lending  service  for  information   on  women’s   issue  including   conducting    research  study  concerning   problems, roles and the participation of the Northern women in development work.


6. Nutrition and Health Promotion

    To  providing knowledge on nutrition appropriately for different ages, especially for the pre-school age and the elderly with emphasis on healthy food and local herbs while promoting voluntary work of all family members for the benefit of the public.



7. Cleft lip, cleft palate repair and rehabilitation project

     To mobilize and coordinate with resources for funding, technical assistance and expertise to repair and rehabilitate of the clefts in order that they could well integrated in their community normally as well as sharing good practices to the neighbouring counties


Committee Members

1.  Mrs. Patcharawan Srisilapanan          Chairperson

2.  Mrs. Yuvadee Kantakalung                  Vice-Chair

3.  Ms.Phanomwan Yoodee                      Secretary-General

4.  Ms. Patcharin  Aviphan                         Treasurer

5. Mrs. Kheuankam Singhanetr                Committee member

6.  Ms. Sodsri Boontanuwang                   Committee member

7.  Ms.Tanyaratch Sampanthawong        Committee- member & Secretary

Advisory Committee
  1. Mr. Rachan Maneekarn
  2. Dr. Witoon Yongmetawut