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Silver Club

The Silver Club offers senior citizens in Thailand a good opportunity to keep up with the world today. Seniors have great potential abilities to work for themselves, for their families and for the society. The Silver Club was found by the YMCA of Chiangmai.

The silver Club provides voluntary opportunities for seniors who demonstrate that the abilities of seniors can be used for the society, for the government and for building the nation. The silver Club offers the opportunity to meet foreigners in Thailand and abroad. The Silver Club will be a meeting place for senior from all over the world. The silver Club gives opportunities for seniors to be active and enjoy life together.

The members of the Club had experience in organizing fund raising to support different disadvantaged group e.g. cleft lip and cleft palate children of the Northern Women’s Development Foundation, Street Children and Child Labour Project of the Chiangmai YMCA, victims of Sunami in the South of Thailand.  They have also volunteered to teach street children, collected --for people in the rural remote area, shared knowledge on health care and law to the Club members etc.

The current activities are as follows:

Educational Program:
Providing courses and lecture in different subjects according to the interest of the senior i.e. computer, internet using, Thai massage and herbal medicine etc. 

Recreational Program:
This program consists of many activities such as bonsai, dancing, singing, Tai chi, Yoga, Gardening and Sport as requested

Senior International Center:
This activity is about traveling abroad to promote international exchange program between Thai and foreign senior, receiving guest from abroad, study trips to different countries, preceded by lectures, slides, films and video presentations.

Community Service Program:
This program enables seniors on voluntary work. Seniors can take part in improving society by giving advice to development activities, provisioning needed material for the disadvantaged people etc. 

All activities are for
1. Men and Women age 55 and above.
2. Thai citizens and foreigners who are staying in Thailand.