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Street Children Project

The YMCA of Chiangmai works for human and community development. Our focus is on supporting people; regardless of gender, age, race and religion.  We adjust our programs to fit to one's own religious principles in order to promote peace and a just society.  

The YMCA Chiangmai's organizational vision is to be a "learning organization, promoting sustainable human and societal development". To achieve our goal, we plan to promote our activities that strengthen families, improve education and improve cultural awareness. 
The YMCA of Chiangmai has taken steps to achieve this vision by utilizing its resources to provide opportunities for the entire community, especially for children, the youth, women and the disadvantaged in order for them to become responsible citizens in the community and enable them to earn an sustainable income. 
The Street Children & Child Workers Project's main priority is to give all children both an education and life skills training, while helping their families earn an extra income. The second priority is to provide both preventative and protective measures that will improve the quality of life of the children and the youth.
Project Goals
To educate and improve the quality of the life of street children and child workers in Chiangmai and Thailand. 
Street children and child laborers from 10 communities will benefit from the program.

Main Project Objectives:
     1. To provide basic education, health awareness and life skill training to street children and child workers.
     2. To raise public awareness and understanding of problems facing street children and child workers.
     3. To work together with the Child Issues Network to advocate child rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
     4. To research and identify safer alternatives of employment opportunities for child workers.
Provide Basic Education:
- Scholarship support to children in primary and secondary education.
- Health Awareness
- Life Skill and Leadership Training
- Sport and Recreation and
 Family and children relationships
To raise public awareness and understanding of this issue to the public:
- By campaigning and providing information on street children and child labor issues during special events.
- Illustrate values to street children through development activities
- Publish a newsletter.
Work with the Child Issue Network:
 -  Network of child leaders and volunteer groups.
 -  Network of community leaders.
 -  Network of GOs and NGOs working on common issues regarding disadvantaged children
 -  Network on Child Rights Training
 Research and Identify Safer Alternative Employment Opportunities for Child Workers:         
 - Coordinate with vocational education institutions in order to find alternative employment and working opportunities suitable for the target children.
Emergency Assistance:
 - Provide food and small amounts of money for daily survival to HIV/AIDS families.
Contact for more information: 


Telephone (66)-053 22819 and (66)-053 221820 ext. 6111 or 6114