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Thai For Foreigner

Standard  Thai(Speaking and listening) ( click Schedual )

Our professional Thai Language teachers have designed our Thai language courses to be realistic, informative, fun and at a reasonable pace to suit all abilities. They focus on real life situations and conversations that you probably may encounter whilst you are in Th
ailand. We offer 8 language courses. Levels one to four introduce students to practical vocabulary and conversation for everyday life.  The Higher levels focus on challenging and typical Thai phrases, idioms, slang and expression used in advertisements and entertainment context as well as discussions on interesting social, economic and political topics.   These courses are extremely successful and our students who can speak conversational Thai or better readily state that it has greatly improved their quality of life and has enhanced their experience of being in Thailand.
Standard  Thai(Speaking and listening)

Thai Script
(Reading and Writing)

Our courses have been designed specifically to provide an introduction to reading and writing of the Thai language. These courses are designed for people who want to learn the basics and principles of Thai script. In our courses you will be taught various techniques that will enable you to convert spoken Thai into Thai written text and Thai written text into Thai spoken language
Elementary Thai
For students who can speak, read and write some Thai. This course is similar to Thai language as it taught in Thai school. For people who want to become fluent in Thai and Learn to use Thai Language


Intensive Thai

Speaking and Writing

Exem Prep.Thai

For students who are undertaking the Prathom 6 (grade 6) Thai proficiency exam. Students must have completed the Elementary Thai course up to Level 4

Thai Daily Life

(Special Thai Course)
Everyday life conversation: 5 topics
-Asking for help