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The YMCA International Center ( Contact us right here! : 053-221819-20, Open Daily 09.00 – 17.30 )

The YMCA International Center ( Contact us right here!  YMCA Chiangmai 053-221819-20, Open Daily 09.00 – 17.30 )


The YMCA International Center of the Chiangmai YMCA has over 15 years experience in bringing young people together from all over the world to participate in a dynamic exchange program.  In order to encourage cross-cultural communication and partnership, international group events are designed in a way that maximizes interactions with local Thai volunteers and students





     Our experiences in organizing international youth camps with various groups from Korea, Singapore, Germany, USA., and Japan make the YMCA of Chiangmai and international leader in youth exchange programs.

     For more than a decade, international youth groups have visited the YMCA of Chiangmai to learn about current existing socio-economic problems in the country. These groups work together with local Thai youths on various aspects of rural and urban community development. During these work service camps, the young visitors and their Thai counterparts stay together in the homes of host families in the village or city.

     For the past several years, we have worked in association with the Pack-Squadran, a military encampment. Practicing jungle tactics and survival camping, we challenge youth in new and amazing ways. This fascinating relationship has reserved as a model to many organizations in Thai military and civilian relationship.

     Work Camp
Interested in serving the Hill-tribe villagers of Northern Thailand while leaning about their unique cultural history?
        Through the use of home-stays and varying service projects, youth groups would see first hand and experience sustainable development in these areas. Our youth teams will involve to build infrastructures such as an organic and recycling center and child day-care center. However, each project is uniquely balanced to your expectations and the needs of community.
   - study trip
   - Learning English Abroad

     Internship and Volunteering
Are you interested in being an itern or volunteer for YMCAs?
You could be aparts of our international team off professionals and serve the local community as we do. You will gain valuable work experience and be an integral asset to our team.

Internship and volunteer periods vary from one mounth to one years

(( Contact us right here! : 053-221819-20, Open Daily 09.00 – 17.30 ))