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Are you interested in being an intern or volunteer for the YMCA? Do you want to experience a different culture and help people who are less fortunate than you? Well come and join us and make a difference. You will find your time with us very rewarding and satisfying. You could be a part of our international team of professionals and help to serve the local community as we do. You will gain valuable work and life experiences in the beautiful country of Thailand. 
Internship and volunteer periods vary from one month to one year, but your memories will last you a life time.



Is  your  YMCA youth   looking  for  adventure? YMCA Chiang Mai  proudly offers customizable youth camps in Thailand.  Let your YMCA youth experience helping others and  caring for nature. They will learn about cultural understanding and how to live in peace.  Your YMCA youth will also have the opportunity to cultivate friendships with YMCA Chiang Mai youth volunteers and possibly other volunteers from around the world.


Community DevelopmentProgram

Living and  working in a  village, volunteers in the past have built libraries, child care centers, alternative  energy  sytsems, medical  centers, tree nurseries and  environmental  conservation learning centers in rural underprivileged schools.

Volunteers will stay with a  host family in the village where  they'll learn  about  simple Thai living and  culture.   By working together  with Thai youth volunteers and  with villagers, your volunteers   will  gain          hands-on   teamwork experience and  have  an  opportunity  to learn about  the situations the villagers are facing. By working and  creating  something  to  serve the local community,  your volunteers  will see the benefits of helping others.



YMCA Chiang Mai has hosted groups from Korea, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong and  from the  Asia and  Pacific Alliance of YMCAs and the World Alliance of YMCAs.


Culture Exchange Program

Volunteers  will gain  valuable   experiences  while  exploring  Thai culture.  Not only will your volunteers learn about  the Thai way of living and  discover the  natural beauty  of Thailand, but  they will also have the chance to develop friendships with YMCA Chiang Mai youth volunteers.

Your volunteers will live with a host family in a village and  learn about  Thai cooking, music, sports and traditions.  The villagers and Thai youth volunteers will also have the opportunity  to learn more about   your  culture  during  cultural  presentations  and  by  living together.  This is a great way for your youth to be able to learn and understand life in another culture.

Environmental Studies Volunteers  can learn about  important environmental issues like climate change  and  global warming at  our

Environmental and Energy Learning Center. They will learn  about   natural resource preservation, water  resource development and energy conservation. Volunteers  will participate  in  tree-planting and campaigns  to  raise  the  public's awareness  of global warming while working alongside Thai villagers, school children and YMCA youth volunteers.




Study Tour   Our study tour  will let you focus on what global issues are important to you and your team.   You will see the YMCA Chiang Mai's programs as well as visiting other NGOs.

Study tours can be arranged around Environmental  Conservation, Child, Youth and Women's      Development,  Health Education, Handicraft   Development, Thai  History, Integrated and   Sustainable Agriculture and sightseeing.


Contact us at the YMCA of Chiang Mai: Sao Hin Branch:Sao Hin YMCA 103 Korklang, Chiang Mai, 50000 THAILAND

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