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Y’s Men’s Club

We're the Y's Men, a group of men and women dedicated to serving the community. And we have fun doing it! We can promise the personal pleasure of fellowship and shared ideals plus the satisfaction you get from helping to make your community a better place to live in. The Y's Men's club in your area is part of a worldwide organization that work with YMCAs for community betterment in over 55 counties on all continents, offering international opportunities for contacts and projects. We're a mixed group that thrives on the variety of qualities that each one of us contributes to the whole.

We are male and female, of all ages, races, religions and socio-economic levels. But in common, as Y's Men, we enjoy our shared service and accomplishments. 

The Y's Men emblem provides a graphic link with the basic principles of the YMCA, which the clubs support. It can also be seen as symbolizing the three opportunities a Y's Men's Club gives to its members for involvement and growth : Individually, Locally and Internationally.

     -To further develop your social, organizational and communication skills.
     -To contribute our own skills to club projects and activities.
     -To put into practice your own ideas and principles.
     -To enjoy the fellowship of the Y’s Men.

     - To provide manpower and resources for the community's disadvantaged youth.
     - To provide a base for contact and mutual support for other service clubs and community service groups.
     - To help the YMCA to reorganize and carry out programs.
     - To support YMCA campaigns with resources, members and projects

     - To work for international understanding and peace through learning about - and sharing with - other people. 
     - To enable students to study a year in a foreign country, while living in a club member's home.
     - To participate in raising funds for international projects.finternational projects